Seamless and Classic Mokume Bands

I specialize in both seamless and classic mokume bands.  Seamless mokume bands have patterns that flow uninterrupted around the entire ring.   I’ve developed new methods for constructing and patterning seamless mokume bands which allows me to offer unique patterns.   I also carry a variety of classic woodgrain pattern mokume bands.   All my mokume bands are made from scratch starting with sheets which are diffusion bonded, patterned and formed into bands.

All metals used in my bands are precious metals, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.   I offer metal combinations with 14k palladium white gold, 500 palladium, 14k red gold, 18k yellow gold and palladium enhanced sterling.   Metals are chosen for color contrast and durability.  They won’t cause staining and are wear resistant.   I work harden bands by stretching and compressing bands, to maximize durability.


About Deborah Olague

I’ve been making mokume gane wedding bands from scratch since 2003.

I learned how to fabricate fine jewelry in 2002, by attending the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. I completed all levels of fabrication classes, finishing classes and stone setting.

After completing several classes at the Revere Academy, I opened my own studio and began to experiment with mokume gane. I learned how to make mokume from books. It look approximately one year to successfully make mokume from scratch.

In 2005, I was invited to take a 3 day workshop with Andrew Nyce in Maine, to learn advanced techniques in Mokume. This lead to great improvements in bond strength and quality.

In 2007, I started developing several processes to make seamless mokume bands.